4 Benefits of Reading to your Kids at Bedtime


There’s no doubt that there are many benefits to reading. Whether that be for mental clarity, develop and maintain cognitive abilities, or even to just wind down from a long, stressful day, reading is a good way to spend your time. But more than that, it develops a sort of beautiful world in which we immerse ourselves in. It’s addicting, and perhaps one of the reasons why reading to your child at bedtime is such a cherished tradition.


Reading before bedtime is a great way to help build up your child’s key skills, as well as spend time with them after a long, hard day. But what other benefits are there to reading to your child?


Promote Parent-Child Relationships


Reading helps develop the bond between you and your child. When you’re both reading, you’re crafting the world and the characters in your minds and sharing them with each other, oftentimes with humorous results. But more importantly, these are the moments that’s just between you and your child, and thus provides opportunities to increase the intimacy between you and your child. It shows that you’re focusing on your child and that you’re prioritizing their needs. What’s more, it’s nice to just snuggle up together every once in a while. This could be a great start to avoiding¬†alcohol abuse health problems in the future.¬†


Improves Language Skills


Reading is also an excellent way to build up a child’s vocabulary. By being exposed to various different words, and being taught what those words mean, children are able to grasp concepts that may otherwise be extremely difficult. If you have your child read aloud, you give them the opportunity to learn a language that will help them communicate better. This can also lead your child to have an improved self-esteem and confidence since they are more likely to be able to clearly and effectively convey their ideas.


Encourage Creativity


Because of the beautiful world that books show your child, it can help them promote their imaginations. It can also teach them quality life lessons and morals, and encourages them to expand their horizons. Not only this, but reading also encourages them to create their own worlds. It also teaches them to be more versatile in their way of thinking, whether they become ants, trying to help gather food for their ant colony, or a magical fairy dancing to the sounds of the Courts.


Relaxes Them and You


Reading is a great way to escape the harshness of life. This is true for all ages, and not just for children. Whenever you and your child open up a book, you both leave everything behind. These relaxing activities can also help establish a good routine with your child, promoting good sleeping habits for you both. This, in turn, reduces stress and encourages a healthy lifestyle for you both.




Reading to your child at bedtime has a multitude of benefits. Whether it be to encourage creativity or to promote a healthy relationship between you and your child, reading is an excellent hobby that you and your child can both share. The skills your child develops from reading, as well as the imagination they grow from exploring the stories, allow your child to grow in life, and mature in their mental and emotional health.


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